OAS1S™ ecoresorts canada


The Ontario OAS1S™ ecoresorts will be a innovative approach to the sustainable building sector.

The project consists of 12 magnificent natural locations set within the Ontario province (2,000 acres in total).

Each site hosts a central OAS1S™ hospitality development, in order to spin-off surrounding residential development.

The sites will offer 250 OAS1S™ units in total (multiple models) plus service buildings (150,000 sq ft in total).

The planning started in 2016 and is still ongoing > more information soon.




The Starquest Utopia Ecoresort & Spa - OAS1S™ will be a high end artist retreat in Port Maria, Jamaica.

The 577 acres of paradise are set along the beach, backed by mountains with tropical rain forest and waterfalls.

Featured are e.g. a golf course, wellness spa, organic restaurant, recording studio, yoga pavilion, and meditation temple.

The boutique hotel will offer 50 private residential villas, 50 suites and 50 condominiums (total 300,000 sq ft).

The planning started in 2016 and is still ongoing > more information soon.