OAS1S™ is proud to have build an extended global network of voluntary local ambassadors.

These passionate ambassadors raise local attention to OAS1S™ on social media and/or other networks.

Their goal is to create (and join) OAS1S™ projects by gathering private, corporate, and (non) governmental parties. 

Are you also interested to join as an ambitious OAS1S™ ambassador in your region and help to improve life on earth?

Then please contact us to become an OAS1S™ ambassador within our rapidly growing worldwide network!


The ongoing expanding OAS1S™ ambassador global network until now consists of the following countries:

The Netherlands (4), UK (3), Germany (2), France, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Russia,

USA (Illinois, Florida (2), Oregon, Kentucky, Louisiana, Colorado (2), California (3), New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia,

South Carolina, Texas, New York), Canada (Alberta, Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto), Brazil, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Mexico, Chili, UAE, China, India (4), Sri Lanka (2), Thailand, The Philippines, Indonesia, Japan (2), and Australia.