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OAS1S™ online MEDIA list (english)


INHABITAT: OAS1S Treescrapers Are Modern Skyscrapers Inspired By Trees

DESIGNBOOM ARCHITECTURE: OAS1S Alternative Urban Architecture Concept

THE GUARDIAN: Bright Lights, Big Trees: Dutch Designer Imagines An 'Urban Forest'

UPWORTHY: It's Not An Elaborate Treehouse, It's A New Affordable Housing Concept

LE FIGARO: Arboreal Homes Imagined At The Foot Of The Big Cities (translated from French)

COLLECTIVELY: This Real Off-Grid Treehouse Community Is Better Than All Your Childhood Dreams

FAST COMPANY'S CO-EXIST: In These Urban Forest Neighborhoods The Houses Are Disguised As Trees

THE HUFFINGTON POST: These Epic Treehouses Of The Future Blend In Seamlessly With Their Surroundings

THE ARCHITECT'S NEWSPAPER: Architect Proposes To Urbanize The Forest With Houses Disguised As Trees

GREEN BUILDING RESEARCH INSTITUTE: OAS1S 'Treescrapers' Are Modern Skyscrapers Inspired By Trees

WIRED GERMANY: Dutch Designer Creates Houses That Look Likey Trees (translated from German)

REDESIGN REPORT: Are OAS1S Treescrapers The Future Of Sustainable Communities?

GOOD MAGAZINE: Could This Be What The World's First Truly Green City Looks Like?


THE DAILY MAIL: Architect Plans 100% Eco City Complete With Treescrapers

URBAN NEWS DIGEST: OAS1S Envisions 'Treescraper' Communities 

ARCH2O: The Future Of Green Architecture? OAS1S Has An Answer

SKYSCRAPERCITY: Holland's OAS1S 'Treescraper' Homes (see # 3)

GIZMAGOAS1S Imagines Sustainable Treescraper Communities

PSFK: If Our Skyscrapers Were Trees And Our Cities Were Forests

REAL ESTATE MANAGER: Futuristic Solution To Our Housing Shortage

VIRAL NEWS MEDIA: OAS1S Wants to Be The World's Best In Green Architecture

TREND INC: Forget Treehouses, OAS1S Wants To Make Houses That Look Like Trees

YAHOO NEWS - DIGITAL TRENDS: Raimond De Hullu's Vision For OAS1S Green Building

HOT TOPIX: These Epic Treehouses Of The Future Blend In Seamlessly With Their Surroundings

VIRAL THREAD: Dutch Architect's Epic Green City Template Means We Could Soon Be Living In Treehouses

DIGITAL TRENDS: Tarzan Would Feel Right At Home In These Conceptual Houses That Blend Into The Forest

INTERESTING THINGS DAILY: This Dutch Architect's Big Idea Makes Even Our Greenest Cities Look Gray

WOW AMAZING: This Architect's Plans To Create New Ultra-Green Cities Are Truly Mind-Blowing

METRO NEWS UK: This Will Be The World's First 'Eco City' - And It Looks Like A Giant Hedge

STORYCLASH: This Dutch Architect's Big Idea Makes Even Our Greenest Cities Look Gray

TRENDHUNTER: OAS1S Homes Are Designed To Be Green, Both Figuratively As Literally

COOL THINGS: Forget Treehouses - OAS1S Wants To Make Houses That look Like Tree

VIRALITY FACTS: Do You Want To Live In A 100% Eco-Friendly City? Watch This Now…

DZINETRIP: Architecture Answers To The Human Need To Become One With Nature

HOMECRUX: OAS1S Urban Housing Concept Brings Humans Close To Nature

TEA AFTER TWELVE: Green Architecture - Living in Treescrapers (Interview)

YAHOO HOMES: Designer Wants To Bring Tree Buildings To Cities

ARCHI-EUROPE: OAS1S Alternative Urban Architecture Concept

REFINED GUY: OAS1S Houses Are Like Modern Tree Houses

TREEDOM: OAS1S - Cities Become Greener

ARCHATLAS: Houses Designed As Trees

VIVO EDGE: Green Cities That Look Like Forests

WE LOVE GREEN: Greenkiss - OAS1S Architecture

OUTSIDE ONLINE: OAS1S Treescraper Community

TRENDHUNTER: Vegetation-Resembling Homes

STEALMAG: OAS1S Alternative Urban Architecture Concept

POPLAR NETWORK: The Green Building Top 5 - July 8, 2015

ECOBUILDING PULSE: Treescraper Community Is An Urban Forest Oasis

GOODNET: Are Urban Tree Houses The Next Step For Sustainable Cities?

GREEN CONSCIENCE: OAS1S Aims to Make Urban Forest The Future Of Building

MOTHER EARTH NEWS: OAS1S Imagines Sustainable Treescraper Communities

ENVIRONMENTGURU: OAS1S 'Treescrapers' Are Modern Skyscrapers Inspired By Trees

ECOTICIAS: OAS1S Proposes Clusters Of Tree-Bound Houses That Double As Urban Parks

EARTH WE ARE ONE: Dutch Architect Envisions 'Urban Forest' With Houses That look Like Trees

CONCIOUSNESS SHIFT BLOG: OAS1S 'Treescrapers' Are Modern Skyscrapers Inspired By Trees

CHARISMATIC PLANET: Dutch Architect Plans First 100% Eco City Beautifully Covered in Foliage

THE SPIRIT SCIENCE: This Architect Is Creating The Most Stunning, Eco Friendly Tree Houses Ever

MOTHER NATURE NETWORK: OAS1S Offers The Finest In Treehouse Living Without Actually Living In A Tree

LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE NETWORK: How OAS1S Is Changing The Future Of Cities One Tree House At A Time

ONE TERRA: A Holland Architecture Firm Has A High-Density Community Covered In Greenery Functioning Off-Grid

HIGHER PERSPECTIVES: This Architect Has Designed The World's Most Eco Friendly And Stunning Tree Houses Ever

GRAND ASCENT: You Think Our Existing Cities Are Green Now, Just Wait Until You See This Architect’s Idea

THE MIND UNLEASHED: Dutch Architect Envisions An 'Urban Forest' With Houses That Look Like Trees

DESIGN YOU TRUST: Welcome To Urban Forst Neighborhoods When The Houses Are Disguised As Trees

UNITED IN BEAUTY: Interview With Raimond De Hullu, Founder Of The OAS1S Foundation (Interview)

EARTH WE ARE ONE: Dutch Architect Envisions 'Urban Forest' With Houses That Look Like Trees

REVITALISATION NEWS: A Dutch Architect's Revolutionary Approach To Restoring Urban Forests

SKYSCRAPER DICTIONARY: A Green Cladded Tower-House Blending With A Surrounding Forest

SENIORS HOUSING UK: OAS1S Imagines Sustainable Boomer Treescraper Communities

PLAID ZEBRA: Dutch Architect Builds Off-The-Grid Homs In The Middle Of The Forest

TEK-THINK: A Return To The Forest With This Sustainable Urban Living Concept

FASHION GLOBE MAGAZINE: OAS1S - The No. 1 Green Architecture (Interview)

SCOOP IT: OAS1S Treescrapers Are Modern Skyscrapers Inspired By Trees

HOME WORLD DESIGN: Sustainable Houses Designed as Trees by OAS1S

ZIPTOPIA: 9 City Concept That Could Be Your Future Neigborhood

HOMES ON THE NET: 'Treescrapers' - Coming To A City Near You

RAXA COLLECTIVE: Welcome To The Forest Neighborhood

INVERSE: Dutch Designer Invents The Organic Subdivision

RESET: Treehouses Reinvented: And Not Just For Kids

FINDING CAIN: Dutch Architect Imagines An Eco City

DESIGN PLUS MAGAZINE: Houses Designed  As Trees

IGNANT: Sustainable Tree-like Houses By OAS1S

JESTON GREEN: Innovative Tree-Like Homes

TITUS COUP: OAS1S Futuristic Treehouses

TELEZKOPE: Innovative Tree-Like Homes




PN FUTURA: Urban Forest Neighborhoods

WORLD WIRE: Innovative Tree-Like Homes

FUBIZ: Futuristic Houses Designed As Trees


ATELIER D'ÉVEIL: The Houses Are Disguised As Trees

DAFNE: Treehouses The Future Of Green Urban Living?

88 DESIGNBOX: OAS1S - The No. 1 Green Architecture Concept

CURBED NATIONAL: Designer Wants To Bring Tree Buildings To Cities

WORLD NEWS REPORT: Dutch Architect Plans The First 100% Eco City

MPORA: Is The Future Of City Living Tree Houses Designed By OAS1S?

WOODZ: OAS1S - A Community Design Project With Houses That Look Like Trees

GEORGIA NEWSDAY: Dutch Architect Raimond De Hullu Plans First 100% Eco City

FUTURISM: Architects Reveal What They Think "The City Of The Future" Will Look Like

PCM WORLD NEWS: Dutch Architect Takes Green Living To The Next Level With Tree-like OAS1S

NEWSYAC: Is This How We'll Live In The Future? Architect Plans First 100% Eco-City With 'Treescrapers

PALESTINE TELEGRAPH: Tarzan Would Feel At Home In These Houses Blending Into The Forest

LOOK AT WORLD: This Dutch Architect's Big Idea Makes Even Our 'Greenest'Cities Looks Gray

BOSTON NEWSTIME: Dutch Architect Raimond De Hullu Plans The First 100% Green City

CAPITAL BAY: OAS1S Wants To Become The World's Best In Green Architecture

2LUXURY2: Raimond De Hullu's Design For Urban Forest Cities Of The Future

AND PLACES: OAS1S - Is This How We Will Live In The Future?

 BEAUTIFUL NOW: Greener Cities Are More Beautiful Now

EARTHLY FLORA: Tree Houses In An Urban Forest Estate

STUPIDDOPE: Living The Green Life! The OAS1S Houses!

TARC TECHNOLOGY REVIEW: Architect Plans 100% Eco City

MEDIUM: Sustainable Houses Designed As Trees By OAS1S

NEW ATLAS: OAS1S Imagines Sustainable'Treescraper'Communities

LEAFED WORLD: Green Architecture - An Answer To A 100% Eco-City 


OAS1S™ online MEDIA list (translated)


OUEST FRANCE:  Architecture If Our Buildings Were Trees (translated from French) 

 LE FIGARO: Arboreal Homes Imagined At The Foot Of The Big Cities (translated from French)

THE HUFFINGTON POST FRANCE: Treehouses To End The Traditional Hut (translated from French)

VEUX TU RIRE: Here's What Could Be The House Of The Future, It's Awesome! (translated from French)

CITIZENPOST: Here is OAS1S, The 100% Green And Autonomous Project (translated from French)

DETAILS D'ARCHITECTURE: When Architecture Is Inspired By The Trees (translated from French)

CONSTRUIRE TENDANCE: Houses In Urban Trees By Raimond De Hullu (translated from French)

DEMOTIVATEUR: Dutch Architect Develops Urban Forest With Houses That Look Like Trees!

SPANKY FEW: Treescrapers - Vegetated Buildings In The City Center (translated from French)

BUZZECOLO: OAS1S - A Concept Of Plants And Futuristic Dwellings (translated from French)

LE MONITEUR: The Netherlands - OAS1S, The Forest of Tree-Houses (translated from French)

MER ET DEMEURES: OAS1S - So That The city Becomes Forest (translated from French)

RADIO MONACO: If Future Buildings Looked Like Trees... (translated from French)

WE LOVE GREEN: Green Kiss - OAS1S Architecture (translated from French)

TRANQUILLE: Our Selection Of Dream Homes (translated from French)

LE DOMESTIQUE: OAS1S Houses (translated from French)

INVITECH: Stay In The Treehouse (translated from German)

HOLZBAU AUSTRIA: A Tree Of House (translated from German)

BLUME PUBLIC RELATIONS: Back To Nature (translated from German)

TRAVELBOOK: Will We Live In These Cool Treehouses? (translated from German)

GALILEO TV: Staying At The Treehouse 2.0: An Oasis In The Big City (translated from German)

NACHHALTIG LEBEN: Forest Or Skyskraper? This Is Living In The Future (translated from German)

HUFFINGTON POST GERMANY: Architect Allow Forests To Grow On Walls (translated from German)

INTEL MAGAZINE GERMANY: OAS1S Treehouses As The Green Lungs Of The City (translated from German)

360 MAGAZINE: Dutch Architect Raimond De Hullu Wants To Build Tree Houses (translated from Dutch)

DUURZAAM BEDRIJFSLEVEN:  Green Architecture Improves Climate In The City (translated from Dutch)

INSPIREREND WONEN: Sustainable Living - Discover This Visionary Tree House (translated from Dutch)

DUURZAAM BOUWLOKET: Treescrapers - The Green Homes Of The Future (translated from Dutch)

METRO NEWS NL: Green Houses Should Give Color To Our Cities Again (translated from Dutch)

ROOMED: These Durable Houses Are Made Of Wood And Leaves (translated from Dutch)

WONEN DOE JE ZO: Green Architecture; Living In A Treehouse (translated from Dutch)

STAD + GROEN: Dutch Architect In the Hollywood Spotlight (translated from Dutch)

LOVE OF ARNHEM: Will Arnhem Clog Itself In the Woods? (translated from Dutch)

BOOTS AND SUITS: Where Man And Nature Become 1 (translated from Dutch)

DE ARCHITECT: Render Star Of The Week - OAS1S (translated from Dutch)

INNOVATIEF: Will We Soon Live In Treehouses? (translated from Dutch)

IAAY: Living In A House Of Wood And Leaves (translated from Dutch)

KNACK: Ecological Living In The Trees (translated from Dutch)

YOORS BLOG: Green Houses (translated from Dutch)

BOLIG MAGASINET: Houses Like Trees (translated from Danish)

MY HOME: Super Cool Houses For Future Life (translated from Swedish)

ARTESANIAFLORAE: Green Architecture of OAS1S (translated from Catalan)

SUCEDE: OAS1S, The Buildings Are Like Trees (translated from Spanish)

LA CELOSIA: OAS1S - Project Of Tree Houses (translated from Spanish)

ESTILODF TV: Get To Know 'The Houses Of The Future' (translated from Spanish)

TARINGA: View Green Building Project That Would Be Good (translated from Spanish)

UNO PROPIEDADES: OAS1S - A Different Urban Experience (translated from Spanish)

FAHRENHEIT MAGAZINE: Treescrapers - The Future Is In The Trees (translated from Spanish)

IDEALISTA: 10 Houses Installed In Trees That Would Delight Tarzan (translated from Spanish)

CTE ARQUITECTURA: Building-Tree In A Park In Any Neighborhood (translated from Spanish)

BUSCADOR DE ARQUITECTURA: Modern Scryscrapers Inspired by Trees (translated from Spanish)

ECO INVENTOS: OAS1S 'Treescrapers', Futuristic Tree-inspired Architecture  (translated from Spanish)

UPSOCL: Think You Know The Greenest City, And Yet It Would Be Too Grey (translated from Spanish)

DESIGNBOOM: Alternative Architecture Improving The Urban Environment (translated from Spanish)

GREEN SCREEN: 100% Sustainable Homes That Mimic The Structure Of A Tree (translated from Spanish)

POP BRASIL: Design Office Proposes To Build 'Building-Tree' In Urban Forest (translated from Portugese)

GREEN SAVERS: Dutch Architect Designs The Sustainable City Of The Future (translated from Portugese)


STYLO URBANO: OAS1S - New Green Architecture Able To Change Our Cities Forever (translated from Portugese)

DESIGN MODERNO: How Will We Live In The Future? Here is The First Eco-sustainable City (translated from Italian)

HELLO HOME: Ecological Houses Of OAS1S - The Magical Green World Of The "Treescraper" (translated from Italian)

FESTIVAL DEL VERDE DEL PAESAGGIO: The Project To Transform The Suburbs Into Forests (translated from Italian)

THE NEXT TECH STARTUP ITALIA: How The Tree Will Be The Home Of The Future  (translated from Italian)

INNOVABILI: Green City OAS1S Is The Forest City To Return The Green In The City (translated from Italian)

ARCHITETTI:  Urban Green Density - The House-Tree According To OAS1S (translated from Italian)

SUPERMODULOR: OAS1S Treescrapers Announce The Future Of Architecture (translated from Macedonian)

UA MODNA: Not A Complicated Treehouse, It Is An Affordable Housing Concept (translated from Ukrainian)

KAJGANA: OAS1S - is This How Cities Will Look Like In The Future(translated from Macedonian)

DREVNIK: Living In Skyscrapers Of Wood Covered With Leaves (translated from Macedonian)

ECO GREEN HOUSES: The Future Belongs To The Tree... Skyscrapers! (translated from Greek)

4 GREEN: The Future Belongs To The Tree... Skyscrapers! (translated from Greek)

GREEKHUNTER: OAS1S Transforms Cities To Forests (translated from Greek)

BOB & WENDY MAGAZINE: An 'OAS1S' In The City (translated from Greek)

PERIERGA: OAS1S - Life On The... Trees (translated from Greek)

ARCHINFO: Houses Like Treescrapers (translated from Slovakian)

CITY MAGAZINE: Green Body & Soul (translated from Slovakian)

DREWNO: OAS1S - To Live In A Tree (translated from Polish)

SZTUKA ARCHITEKTURY: Like A Tree House (translated from Polish)

MIASTO: Retreat For Organic Townspeople (translated from Polish)

TRENDZ: Architecture Trends - Houses In The Park (translated from Polish)

GREEN REPORT: Houses That Look Like Trees (translated from Romanian)

BAZAVAN: A New Concept - Houses Looking Like Trees (translated from Romanian)

ACP: Are These Homes How We Will Live In The Future? (translated from Albanian)

MOJENENTERIJER: Architectural Green Innovation (translated from Serbian)

DOM INFO: Will The Cities Of The Future Look Like This? (translated from Serbian)

FAKTOR: Look To The Future We Live In Ecocities Without Cars (translated from Serbian)

BLIC: Green Cities - Are We Going To Live Like This In The Future? (translated from Serbian)

STATYBU NAUJIENOS: Luxury Treehouse Made Architect Famous By Lightning (translated from Lithuanian)

ELEKTRINA: The Town In The Treetops Where Tarzan Would Feel At Home (translated from Czech)

TYDEN: Life In The Forest - Dutch Architect Wants To Build 'Eco-City' (translated from Czech)

ACTUALNE: Living Future Cities Replacing The Green Eco-Village (translated from Czech)

LIFEGLOBE: OAS1S Homes - Gardens In The Middle Of Megacities (translated from Russian)

POSTLIFE: OAS1S Homes - Green Gardens In The Middle Of Megacities (translated from Russian)

LIFE JOURNAL: OAS1S - Green Gardens In The Middle Of Megacities (translated from Russian)

D JOURNAL: OAS1S (the Netherlands) Houses And Trees (translated from Russian)

FASAD NEWS: Green Energy Efficient Settlement OAS1S (translated from Russian)

PROEK STORY: Dutch Designer Develops Forest Land (translated from Russian)

INNOGEST: OAS1S Offers New Ecological Housing (translated from Russian)

PYGA: Houses In The Form Of Trees From OAS1S (translated from Russian)

GREEN BUILDINGS: 'Treescrapers' from OAS1S (translated from Russian)

MIRUM: Future Architecture - House Trees? (translated from Russian)

GREEN CITY: Our Future In The Trees (translated from Russian)

SALON : Grove House (translated from Russian)

ECOLOGY: Tree House (translated from Russian)

RADI DOMA PRO: The Urban Forest (translated from Russian)

MIMDAP: Green Architecture For The Future (translated from Turkish)

YENI FIKIRLERI: Urban Forest of Treescrapers (translated from Turkish)

ORGANIK TURKIYE: Green Architecture Of The Future (translated from Turkish)

EMLAK EKSPRESI: Nature And Human Design That Integrates (translated from Turkish)

SUPERILERI: Dutch Home Design Intertwined With Nature (translated from Turkish)

HESTECH: OAS1S Treehouses And Sustainable Architecture (translated from Persian)

SHOF: Architect Plans To Build A Complete Residential Nature City (translated from Arabic)

ABU NAWAF: Architect Plans To Build A Complete Residential Nature City (translated from Arabic)

HIAMAG: Architectural Plans For The Design Of The First 100% Eco-Friendly City (translated from Arabic)

REPUBLIKA ONLINE: OAS1S Tree House Futuristic Housing Concept (translated from Indonesian)

SAIBUMI: Cool And Sophisticated Looking Dream Houses Of The Future (translated from Indonesian)

HELLO PET: Wow! Green Housing Concept Made Close To Nature - Online Quiz (translated from Indonesian)

FEED ID: Future Concept Of Green Houses With Sensational Living In The Forest (translated from Indonesian)

MERDEKA: Look Cool And Sophisticated: The Human Dream Home In The Future (translated from Indonesian)

MONGOL NEWS: In The future No Concrete Cities But Living Wooden Settlements (translated from Mongolian)

INTERNATIONAL ECOLOGICAL SAFETY NETWORK: Hundred Percent Self-Sufficient City (translated from Chinese)

EDUSHI: The World's First 100% Green City With Forest Treehouses Covered With Plants (translated from Chinese)

URBAN DESIGN CHINA: The New Urban Design Concept OAS1S - Residential Woods (translated from Chinese)

CHINESE CULTURAL MEDIA NETWORK: OAS1S - Hundred Percent Green City (translated from Chinese)

ARCHCOLLEGE: Concept And Nature - OAS1S Ultimate Fusion Program (translated from Chinese)

JIEMIAN: Can You Imagine Forest Communities Built In The Cities(translated from Chinese)

SHECHPIN JUHANGYE: Architects Design Green City With Nature (translated from Chinese)

IT HOME: Architect Design Green City And Natural Integration (translated from Chinese)

NANDUDU: Such A Beautiful City - Do You Want To Live In It? (translated from Chinese)

AIHUHUA: Live Vertical Forest Apartment Or "Tree-House"? (translated from Chinese)

CN BETA: Architect Designs Hundred Percent Green City (translated from Chinese)

DESIGNBOOM: The Ultimate Fusion Of City And Nature (translated from Chinese)

HOUSE FUN NEWS: Highest Level Of Urban Green (translated from Chinese)

LIFE: City Park Tree House Dream Concept (translated from Chinese)

LANDSCAPE CHINA: OAS1S Treescrapers (translated from Chinese)

TAMIL THE HINDU: OAS1S: Tree Houses (translated from Tamil)

SENDO: 100% Green City Without Cars (translated from Vietnamese)

VIETGIAITRI: Not Like Normal Treehouses (translated from Vietnamese)

SAO ONLINE: Unprecedented Green Houses (translated from Vietnamese)

DAO TAO KIEN TRUC: The Green OAS1S Architecture (translated from Vietnamese)

VIETNAM TRAVELLER: Unlike Treehouses Build In A Tree (translated from Vietnamese)

NHADEP NBLOG: Urban Green Architecture For The Future (translated from Vietnamese)

BUILDERNEWS: Contempary OAS1S Houses Are Inspired by Trees (translated from Thai)

RSS NEWS: Very Much Luxury Tree Houses By Dutch Architect (translated from Thai)

UNLOCK MEN: OAS1S House - Creative Idea For Nature Lovers (translated from Thai)

KIITDOO: Accomodation Which Is Close And Friendly Towards Nature (translated from Thai)

OOMSIN: Dutch Architect Designs Treehouse Combining Luxury & Nature (translated from Thai)

MIRAIE FUTURE: Residential Forest Creates An Exciting Experience (translated from Japanese)

SOCIAL DESIGN NET: Election Of 5 Urban Ideas From The Latest Eco-Products (translated from Japanese)

 TABI LABO: Futuristic Green House To Be Integrated With The Natural Environment (translated from Japanese)




OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS UK: IGCSE Global Perspectives Curriculum 2016-2020

PORTFOLIO: Emirates airline on-board magazine for first and business class - issue #12 2015

DESIGN EXCHANGE MAGAZINE: If Buildings Were Trees - Future Forecast issue #13 2016 - page 22

POSTERUS TIMES: OAS1S Green Architecture (Cannes Film Festival & Monaco Grand Prix newspaper) - page 13

FRENCH MINISTRY OF DURABLE DEVELOPMENT: 365 World Reinventing Initiatives (French publication) - page 62

IMAGES PUBLISHING: "Vertical Garden" (upcoming global book publication) in English & Mandarin (link)

BOUW EN UITVOERING: Down To Earth - OAS1S  (Dutch article) - issue #12 2015 - page 4

VASAKRONAN: Future City - A Green City (Swedish article) - issue #3 2015 page 10

LEXUS MAGAZINE TAIWAN  - Green Future - 09/2017 page 50



OAS1S™ on TV/RADIO/congress


RTL LATE NIGHT: Premium Dutch TV talkshow interview (in Dutch with English subtitles)

BUSINESS NEWS RADIO (BNR): Premium Dutch radio talkshow "Bouwmeesters" interview (in Dutch)

BUILDING GREEN CONFERENCE: Raimond de Hullu as speaker in Hoofddorp - the Netherlands, January 21st 2016


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