The OAS1S™ mission is to create synergy between people and planet by ultimate green architecture.

OAS1S™ is focused at the global realization of its unique tree-like structures and its forest-like communities.

OAS1S™ offers customized building models by its design format, to private, corporate or (non) governmental clients.

OAS1S™ supervises local engineering and construction partners, and also has a global ambassador network. 

 The OAS1S™ design brand is open for development in alliance, a seed ready for planting everywhere.


the OAS1S™ pilot projects


At the moment OAS1S™ is working on the concept design of 2 ecoresorts (more news soon):

The OAS1S™ ecoresort near Algonquin Park in Ontario - Canada covers 2,000 acres of forests and lakes.

This resort will consist of 300 luxury hotel suites plus service buildings and organic farms (total ca. 150,000 sq ft).

The other resort will consist of nearly 150 boutique hotel suites plus e.g. a spa and music studio (total ca. 300,000 sq ft). 

This OAS1S™ ecoresort on the Jamaican North coast covers 700 acres of tropical forests, beaches, mountains and waterfalls.


THE OAS1S™ ecoresort concept


The OAS1S™ ecoresort concept is focused on creating places where people truly experience connecting to nature.

Places as sustainable as enjoyable, with all usual comfort, but with added consciousness and "coolness".

Since in order to be successful, sustainability needs to be "sexy" within our contemporary culture.

OAS1S™ ecoresorts offers exciting showcases of a total green lifestyle, that inspires spin-offs elsewhere.

This concept is now being developed into realizations for hospitality use on several spectacular natural locations.


THE OAS1S™ history


Immediately after this website launched OAS1S™ received a vast amount of worldwide media coverage.

We are very thankful for the many enthusiastic reactions from supporters, potential partners, clients, and investors.

Project proposals came in from e.g. the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Brazil, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

At this moment pilot projects are being prepared for large ecoresort developments iCanada and the Caribbean. 

OAS1S™ works with renowned local development, engineering and construction partners (more news soon).


THE OAS1S™ context


OAS1S™ focuses to create the number 1 green architecture, beyond current highest certification standards.

OAS1S offers 100% green architecture, not only technically but visually, urbanely, desirably and affordably as well.

While in our century architectural innovation is urgent, due to the unprecedented population and urbanization growth.

As a result of the current global quest for sustainability, green building has become a strong global growth market.

Unfortunately this sector is stuck in technicality, therefore OAS1S raises the bar far beyond its status quo.


THE OAS1S™ founder


Founder Raimond de Hullu MSc Arch is an experienced Dutch designer & manager in architecture on a mission:

"Growing up in the rural Zeeland province I fell in love with nature, spending much time in the forest or at the beach.

When I was 10 years old my father started to design and build our family a new home, I fell in love with architecture too. 

I was always passionate to create a true fusion between both, and to make a deep lasting difference to this world.

 Because cities suffocate people and waste nature, people desire an ancient natural balance, an urban oasis."



OAS1S is registrated in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce by no. 66752665 and Dutch VAT no. NL151199759B05